Basic Gardening Information Gets You Started

Learning basic gardening tips can help give beginners the confidence to get started growing their own food. This blog will allow you to explore different types of gardens and help you select a gardening method that suits your current circumstances without exceeding your available timeframe. You will also learn how to maintain a healthy soil moisture level and plenty of soil nutrients to encourage an abundant harvest.
Use care to keep moisture levels balanced; when soil is too dry, plants cannot grow. An excess of moisture, however, can encourage the spread of plant diseases. In addition, this blog hopes to help you apply the concepts of careful crop spacing to efficiently utilize all of your garden space while minimizing the growth of weeds. Consider shade tolerant and/or shade loving crops to plant beneath and between larger plants to produce a double harvest.

Garden Types

Different types of gardens can produce food in nearly any situation ranging from busy people living in apartment buildings to those in country living settings. Both your available space and time can help you choose the ideal type of garden to produce an abundance of fresh, organic produce for your household.

Water and Nutrients

Providing garden plants an appropriate amount of water and nutrients is essential to support the production of a tasty selection of fresh food for your household. Different plants have varied needs for water and nutrients, all of which can be supplied with the help of a gardener, and occasionally by Mother Nature alone.

Spacing and Light

Spacing your garden plants in a staggered manner allows you to use your garden space more efficiently than traditional single row style gardening. Most crops love sunlight; choose your garden location based on where the most sunlight is available. Shade tolerant or shade loving crops can be planted beneath and between larger plants.

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